Myths vs Facts

auto body repair

Myth vs. Fact #1:

My insurance says I have to get three estimates for my auto collision repair.

MYTH! No law says you have to get more than one estimate. 

Often, the insurance company tries to have you get three estimates to pay you off on the lowest. The only step you need to take is to identify the repair shop you want to use and let your insurance company know. Typically, we can get you scheduled in straight away. With your help and a few photos, we can get the process started even before you visit our facility.

Myth vs. Fact #2:

My insurance company determines where to repair my vehicle.

​MYTH! It is your vehicle and your choice where you get it repaired. 

Insurance companies might try to persuade you to take your vehicle to a shop they have an agreement with. This agreement typically provides discounts to the insurance company in exchange for more work directed to the shop. Regardless of whether it sounds like a great deal, it may result in poor craftsmanship, unreliable replacement parts, or other undesirable effects that lead to low quality repairs.

In addition, we suggest doing that you do some research around the auto insurance company that will work best for you.  We’ve worked with many insurance agencies and we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

auto body repair

Myth vs. Fact #3:

Aftermarket or imitation parts are as good as the factory parts.

​MYTH! Imitation or aftermarket parts are not the same quality as the OEM Factory Parts.

We made the business decision only to use OEM Factory Body parts on all repairs. The vehicle manufacturers recommend it, the overall final fit and finish of all our repairs show it, and we believe it is the best way to repair your vehicle after an auto collision. It comes down to a matter of quality, safety, and informed choice!