Your Local Volvo Repair Facility

At Old Dominion, we provide trustworthy and reliable Volvo repair services. We’ve put in the time and effort into becoming a Volvo Cars Certified Collision Repair Facility. This certification means Volvo recognizes Old Dominion as a preferred provider for Volvo collision repairs.

Becoming a Volvo Certified Collision Facility

As a Volvo Certified Collision Facility, we meet Volvo’s strict requirements for customer service, repair standards, and facilities. The Volvo engineers create these specifications to ensure the safety and integrity of the owner’s vehicle. We uphold them to guarantee a premier repair service.


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Volvo repair with Genuine Parts

Volvo parts are designed, tested, and manufactured for your Volvo. They ensure that you’re Volvo drives smoothly and reliably. In addition, they come with a lifetime warranty when they are replaced at an authorized dealer. Using genuine Volvo parts is critical when it comes to maintaining Volvo’s safety systems.

Volvo genuine windshields are part of several complex on-board safety systems. Their windshields are designed and tested to meet Volvo’s rigorous safety standards. They also ensure that the on-board safety systems run smoothly. 

I-Car Platinum Certified

Aside from being a Volvo Certified Collision Facility, we are I-CAR Gold Certified.  As an I-CAR Gold Certified body shop, we stay up-to-date on the new technologies, and the best repair methods. With our wide breadth of auto body skills and knowledge, we can correctly repair any Volvo you own.


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