Dent Repair at Old Dominion

At Old Dominion, we can quickly repair dents to your vehicle and get your car looking like new again. Along with our more in-depth dent repair services, we also offer paintless dent repair.  

Buffing a car after dent repair service

Leave it to the professionals!

It may be tempting to try and repair dents to your vehicle on your own. However, you may cause damage to your car during your repair process without prior experience or adequately following instructions. We also know that dents on your vehicle’s surface don’t always reflect the internal damage incurred to your car. In our repair process, we can help diagnose and repair any internal damage as well so that your vehicle will be safe to drive on the road again.

Traditional Dent restoration

Regardless of the dents that your car may have incurred from a collision, we can restore your vehicle in no time. Our professionals have experience working on a wide variety of makes and models. We know the way your car should look, and we’re comfortable repairing all the tough-to-reach spots like corners and the edges of doors. In our painting process, we also use color matching technologies so that your car will look just like it did before.


Paintless Dent Repair Services

We may be able to repair some of the dents on your car with our paintless dent repair services. Paintless dent repair tends to be quicker and generally less expensive. During our process, our technicians will slowly move the bent metal back into place to preserve the initial paint job.

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Regardless of the level of damage to your vehicle, Old Dominion can repair dents to your car quickly and make it beautiful and safe once again. Please reach out to us today to schedule an appointment or contact us with any questions you have.