Old Dominion Collision is proud to be a part of the Tesla approved body shop network. Our long history of high-quality repairs and excellent customer service align well with the Tesla brand. 

Tesla vehicles are some of the most advanced, sophisticated vehicles on the road today. It takes the right training, tooling, and equipment to complete repairs in a safe manner that aligns with Tesla’s exacting standards.

Dustin Caldwell, owner of Old Dominion Collision, says that “Working on these vehicles has pushed our team to new levels. Demanding training and technological thinking are required, and our team has grown immensely through this process.”

At Old Dominion, we work closely with Tesla to ensure that our team has the best training and access to information required to repair these complex vehicles.  

Protect your Factory Warranty

There are specific procedures that we, as a certified shop, must follow to protect your Tesla Manufacturer Warranty. Non-Certified auto body shops may not understand the repairs’ complexity. This especially applies to your High-Voltage battery components. Tesla certified shops receive specific instructions on procedures and must follow exact steps during repairs. If you run into a factory warranty issue with your vehicle down the road, you can have peace of mind knowing that nothing we did during the repair will void your warranty. 

 (We also provide a lifetime warranty for our repairs & paint!)

Parts Matter

Tesla only sells certain parts to their approved body shops. As an approved body shop, we can access all parts that may be needed during the repair. Our access to all parts lets us decide to repair or replace parts based on what is best for your vehicle. Non-approved shops sometimes are forced to make decisions based on not being able to purchase the parts needed. Because of this, they will sometimes repair a part that they should replace. These decisions can lead to safety and quality issues over time. 

Old Dominion only uses new, direct from the factory parts to repair your Tesla. Other, non-approved shops are not held to this standard. Instead, they may use reconditioned or aftermarket parts during your repair. 

Training Matters

Our entire staff has invested hundreds of hours in training to properly drive, care for, and repair your Tesla. When you choose a body shop that is not certified, there is no guarantee that the technicians have experience working on your model. Our technicians know the correct procedures to repair your vehicle. In addition, our continued training is a very high priority. We have the training to repair all models. This  includes Model S, Model 3, Model Y, and Model X. We are excited about the new Tesla Roadster and Tesla Truck that should be available in the coming years. As these new models are released, our team will update our training and tooling to repair them.   

Information Matters

As a Tesla approved body shop, we can access all of Tesla’s most up-to-date repair procedures. We also directly connect to technicians and engineers at Tesla for guidance and information whenever we need it. 

Volume Matters

As a Tesla Certified Auto Body shop, we work on these vehicles’ day-in and day-out. Because of the large volume of Teslas we work on, we can ensure that our staff is highly experienced in all areas of repairing your vehicle.  

Our paint shop is also very experienced with Tesla’s colors. We ensure a fantastic color match on panels that have been repaired or replaced. 

Tooling & Equipment Matters

There are specific tools and equipment that Tesla requires to fix your vehicle correctly and safely. As a certified body shop, we know what tools and procedures to use for each job. We also continue to update our tooling to meet the advancing needs of your vehicle.

If you have been in an accident and need to have your Tesla repaired, contact us today!